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" We  have hired Fortune HR  Recruitment Services for the last 7 years and have always found them to be extremely helpful, supportive and knowledgeable."
• SathyaNarayana – SR Zonal Manager HR
" The level of service from Fortune HR has been excellent. We have a number of agencies we use and Fortune HR have by far the highest success rate in placing candidates with us."
• Srinivasan – HR Manager “TEMPEL PRECISION”
" Fortune HR Awarded the best consultant in South."
• MR Prashant "HDFC SL HR Head"
" Thanks You for the timely closures of our specific requirement."
• Sushma Sahai - HR Manager

Fortune HR Staffing Solutions, India’s leading staffing company, offers a full-service, cost-effective, professional and efficient Human Resource management service and provides a range of Temporary and Permanent manpower solutions to the clients.

Our Staffing Service works by the simple device of transferring employees from a company on to the payroll of Fortune’s Staffing Solutions and then leasing them back to the company on a temporary basis, as necessary. Fortune HR  then becomes the legal employer, taking over all the HR management tasks.

The Temporary staffing group establishes a co-employment relationship with clients and takes responsibility for all compliance, HR and administrative of employees on assignment.

The Permanent staffing group undertakes turnkey and recruitment mandates for permanent fulfillment.
With constant increases in the scale of operation, Fortune HR becomes an efficient resource partner offering staffing solutions – facilitating organizations to acquire flexible and permanent workforce in order to enhance productivity, quality and helping the company to reduce employment related risk.


After the final selection by the client, the candidate gets into a contractual agreement with Fortune HR for the related project / contract period. The candidate is given an offer letter by Fortune HR. This offer letter will indicate the job role of the candidate  his/ her responsibilities & the salary component as decided by the client. The candidate on accepting the offer letter will be subjected to the rules and regulations of Fortune HR and the day to day supervision by the client.

Fortune HR  works on the model of- Temping and Payrolling.

Temping: Identifying and recruiting candidates based on the client’s requirements and there on managing the employees HR, Admin and regulatory compliance.

Payrolling: Transitioning pre-identified employees of the client onto Fortune HR roles and managing the HR, admin and Regulatory compliance

Temping is a co-employment relationship between a Client company, temping company and the Employee.

The relationship between the Client and the Staffing company is captured in a Client Service Agreement (CSA). The CSA establishes a three party relationship whereby the Staffing Company acts as the employer of the temporary employee who works at the clients premises. Under the CSA the Staffing company assumes responsibility for the personnel administration and compliance for most employment related government regulations, while the client retains the employee’s services in its business and remains the employer for various other purposes.
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